Smith and Wollensky

Smith Wollensky
The famous New York steakhouse has come to London. Can it replicate its success on this side of the Atlantic?

Jay Rayner - The Observer


Richard Ehrlich - Time Out

I had to sit through the whole damn meal so I don’t see why you shouldn’t, too. This US business has swaggered into London like it thinks it’s the bollocks. The description is almost right, if you remove the definite article before the reference to testicles. It is about as shoddy an operation in separating people from inexcusable amounts of their cash as I have seen in a very long time...

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Once we finally got our food at the right temperature, it was thrillingly, indescribably good. Starters were wonderful (especially the split-pea soup) and mains even better. A herb-rubbed veal chop was roasted perfectly medium-rare. Better still was the burger. Coarsely cut, juicily rare, it really should be called chopped steak; £18 with a side of fries, and worth every penny. Sides of spinach and carrots were both very good...

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