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The Clove Club – Shoreditch restaurant of the year?

Posted on: June 2, 2013

Clove Club restaurant reviews

It’s probably too early to make this claim but The Clove Club in beautiful and historic Shoreditch Town Hall continues to make waves. Since opening in March, critics and bloggers alike have raved about the sophisticated food served in contrasting “austere” surroundings.

“Nobody in London was eating a more sophisticated, unflashy or epicurean dinner than we were.” AA Gill [Sunday Times]

“The Clove Club’s cooking is intentionally avant-garde.” Guy Dimond [Time Out]

“They’re not trying to be cool and ‘a story’, they just are.” Joe Warwick [Metro]

With 8 reviews so far and all YAYs – we think this is one worth trying out. We were there this weekend so a few tips on how to secure the booking and make the most of your dining experience.

Tips for a great dining experience at the Clove Club

  1. BOOK early at least a month ahead especially for weekend tables between 730-900pm

  2. There is only one menu – a 5 course tasting menu (or a vegetarian tasting menu) costing £47 . So make sure you don’t eat a late lunch and are suitably hungry to do the menu justice

  3. This is Shoreditch so do inject some ‘street chic’ into your attire (but not too much because once you step into The Clove Club no one looks ‘street’)

  4. Arrive early and have a drink at the adjoining Bar to build the anticipation of seeing other people being shown to their tables

  5. Get a seat close to the open kitchen to enjoy the hustle and bustle

  6. Drinks lots of water before and during the meal to make sure you can speak loud enough and keep the conversation going – the spartan dining room really does it’s job in amplifying all the buzz!

  7. The Clove Club changes its menu every couple of weeks so if you’re a fan (and very rich) then make sure you time your visits fortnightly.

The Clove Club tasting menu this weekend [in pictures]





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