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Singapore Hawker Food – by Rocket & Squash

Posted on: July 11, 2013

Singapore Rocket and Squash

Food writer and FoodVerdicts contributor, Ed Smith (Rocket & Squash) recently published an excellent short guide through Singapore’s hawker food centres. Not really street food as we know it, Ed recommends being guided by a local – which, apparently, isn’t hard:

But maybe the most significant thing was the passion that every Singaporean exudes for hawker food. Ask a group of locals to recommend their favourite stall or centre and, once they’ve argued at supersonic pace amongst themselves, they’ll each insist that they drop everything and drag you around the city. That’s pretty endearing.

He writes about the importance of eating in the city state:

There appears to be one thing that binds the potentially disparate population, bringing them together as proud Singaporeans: food. Indeed eating is a national pastime. Probably the national pastime. And why not? With such a rich and diverse food heritage across the immigrant groups, it is no surprise that in Singapore that not only is there authentic Chinese (in all its variants), Malay, Indonesian and Indian food, but also different cuisines born of racial fusion (in particular the superb Peranakan Nyonya food), as well as uniquely Singaporean dishes which, through the many, many examples, blend the country’s components together.

For tips, recommended hawkers and their dishes, and some very pretty pictures, check out Ed’s full article on his journal, Rocket & Squash.

[Photo credit: Rocket & Squash]

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