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Pre-pay tickets coming to London restaurants

Posted on: April 12, 2015

Clove Club restaurant reviews

Would you buy a ticket for a meal at a restaurant the way you do for a play or football match? Michelin-starred restaurant The Clove Club in Shoreditch thinks you would. The restaurant has partnered with restaurant reservation system Tock and will require diners to pre-pay for dinner. Tickets can’t be cancelled (just like at the theatre) but they can be re-sold.

Clove Club chef Isaac McHale is aware that ”It’s going to ruffle a few feathers. But everyone has a problem with no shows and short-seated tables”.

Whilst The Clove Club is the first British restaurant to test the waters with a ticketing offer, the system is more common in the United States. High end restaurants such as Alinea, Per Se and the French Laundry are already part of the pre-pay club.

And there’s a reason you’re unlikely to find a casual neighbourhood restaurant on this list. As Restaurant Magazine editor Stefan Chomka told the Telegraph: “It suits specific places, not everywhere. It suited Alinea. The owner Nick Kokonas, who invented the system, needed a solution. He was spending a lot on staff telling people they can’t come. Why not spend that time on those who can come? It works with really popular fine dining restaurants with tasting menus.”

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