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Best Chinese restaurants in North London

Posted on: May 27, 2013

Best Chinese Restaurant in North London

“The way to spot the best Chinese restaurant is to find the one with the most Jews in it…” said the Times’ restaurant critic Giles Coren during his appearance at the 2013 Hay Festival in Wales; “…if you’re meant to be prohibited from eating pork and shellfish it’d better be worth it.”

Unfortunately, following a part of the Jewish community to North London, we don’t encounter a wealth of Chinese options, but there are two Chinese restaurants up North (-ish) that have received nothing but praise from critics:

Hunanese restaurant Yipin China in Islington (which got a review from Mr Coren himself) and Chilli Cool, which serves Sichuan cuisine in King’s Cross.

Take a break from your cantonese and dim sum favourites to explore the Chinese flavours of North London.




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